How to Create a Perfect Clothing Label That Stands Out

Your final decision came! It is real! After crossing the most significant hurdle of entering the clothing business with your amazing collection, it’s time for you to design brand clothing label. The business seems easy from the outside. Everybody, friends and family are giving you thumbs up and prizing your clothing collection. However, you will truly know the struggle and severe competition when you’re in the business.

The name and logo that you give your clothing line is your signature.  The clothing label name is as important as your clothing quality collection.  Choosing the name is fairly easy, but choosing the logo and the label it will be put on is a complex exercise. The logo has to have a good look on a label. It should be depicting, meaningful, authentic and representative of what you stand for.

Labels can be of different types, like woven fabric labels, printed cloth labels, paper hangtags, or tagless heat transfers. You can choose the kind of label you want to go for according to your brand and the material of your clothing line. Do not forget to follow standard labeling guidelines. This needs to be researched properly, as the tag/ label is a vital part of your brand image. If you choose the wrong kind of tag, it will pull the whole image of your clothing line down. Therefore, one must weigh the pros and cons of the different kinds of labels available. The cost is an important factor as well. Some labels are costly while others are more affordable. The colors and precision also vary in different kinds of labels. Once the kind of label has been chosen, then you need to figure out how your label will stand out from all the others.

Following are the factors that you need to take into consideration:

Color Choice: The color used for the label says a lot about the brand. You must choose a color that stands out on the clothes, so that it catches the eye. The clothing label should be such that it does not blend with the logo. Everything should be clearly visible. If you are brave enough, choose “bold” colors. It is good idea to choose colors according to the seasonal collection. You don’t want to introduce a floral shirt in the winters or fleece hoodie in the summer. No one will buy that! 

Keep it Simple: Your clothing label should be simple but yet one of the kind. Always think out of the box! Something the simple small thing can become a big, signature “IT”.

Font Selection: The font used for the label is a part of your logo and it is supposed to remain same across all other forms of communication. So, it should be simple and legible If you select a complicated, cursive writing font, especially for woven labels, it may be hard to read.

Shape and Size: The shape and size of the label is just as important as anything else. It has to be the perfect size to be visible on the clothes and not too big to be over bearing. It should have enough space to have the name and logo clearly printed on. The shape should simple but yet practical.


Material Type: The woven labels and printed clothing can be made of a different kind of materials: damask, satin, taffeta, cotton, nylon, pvc, leather etc. You have to choose a material that goes with clothing collection. A customer always remembers a good quality shirt so it will remember a good quality clothing label as well. NEVER compromise on it! If you go for heat tagelss transfer labels, always remember to get the right transfer that will adhear to your fabric. 

Style: You need to decide what style you want for your labels, whether it will be a modern, vintage or other. The style you choose becomes part of your brand image, so try and choose a style that has something in common with your clothing line, so that it can create a strong brand identity.

It is essential for any brand to have a distinct identity in the market with which it can be recognized. Your identity becomes your mission statement for the customers you are going to serve through your clothing line.

Label Placement: As we discussed before, the placement of the label is very important. If you want to stand out then try and figure out a place for your label. The placement of the label is a statement in itself. The custom hangtags can be attached anywhere using a small pin or knot, and the woven labels can anywhere around the neckline or hem bottom or sleeve.

‘Right’ Information on The Label: The information on the label is important, as it gives, the consumers an idea about how to handle the garment. The amount of information given on the label is also dependent on the type of label you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen a printed fabric label, you cannot write too much on this, as the writing will not be very clear. If you need to put washing details, or other handling details, then the right type of label needs to be chosen, so the writing is clear and legible. In order to stand out, you could write something funny or interesting about the garment instead of the usual instructions. 

Finishing: The finishing of the label gives it an added neatness. Again, you should choose the kind of finishing that goes with your brand image. Some finishes for paper hangtags can be: laminated, embossed, Ultra Violet Coating. For Clothing Woven labels, starch can be added so the label will be easier to sew to the garment. 

Adding Your Own X Factor:  The idea of creating a label that stands out is that without having to read the label or the name, your consumers know it is your product.  You probably spent some time searching internet, going to the department store to get ideas about brand clothing labels. You took some pictures and asked your friends for opinion. It might seem like a good idea to copy a successful design in the market or get somebody’s idea. But before you do this, consider the consequences. This will be tough to reverse. A copycat tag is something you want to stay away from. You need to add that” X” factor to your clothing label that can be easily noticeable. May it be a particularly unique logo, or a signature color or the shape of the label, it can be anything that sets you apart from the rest. Be selective about your designs and give a personal touch that works for your brand’s spirit.

Fashion is one such industry where evolution is a constant. What’s considered ‘in’ these days will be ‘out’ in a few weeks’ time. If you don’t keep up with the trends, you will soon be buried under your pile of out-of-fashion clothes and brand clothing labels.

Trends are inspired by celebrities, TV shows, movies, seasons. If you are successful in incorporating these trends within your clothing label design or clothing line, you will be an instant hit.

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