A quick video on how to apply a tagless transfer label using a household iron or commercial press

  1. Pre-heat an iron to the cotton, or other high-heat, setting.
  2. Lay the garment on a flat surface.
  3. Lay a piece of cotton fabric over the area on the garment where you plan to apply the patch. Iron the cotton several times to heat the area. Lift the fabric off of the garment.
  4. Place the patch onto the pre-heated area. Ensure the patch is straight. Place the cotton fabric directly over the embroidered patch. Push the iron firmly over the patch for 20 seconds. Remove the cotton fabric. Gently lift up on the edges of the patch. Do not lift with much force, as the adhesive is still soft and can pull the iron-on transfer off of the garment. If the patch is not secure, repeat the process.
  5. Allow the embroidered patch to cool on the garment.

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