Works best on clothing made with:

  • Cotton/Poly Combo
  • Uncoated Polyester, Uncoated Nylon, Nylon, Mesh
  • Lycra Spandex

How to apply the transfer:

  1. Lycra/ Spandex
  2. Temp: 310°F 10-12 sec.
  3. Cotton/Poly (50/50)
  4. Temp: 340°F 15-18 sec.
  5. Cotton/Spandex (90/10)
  6. Temp: 350°F 18-20 sec.
  7. Pressure: Medium 30-40lbs
  8. Peel off backing when cool


  • Silver Reflective Color
  • Production time 14 business days
  • Labels come on sheets
  • No set up fee



This transfer is used to dress up or brand your garment as well for emergency workers, joggers, hikers bikers and pet outfits.
Reflective transfer gives the garment elegant and eye catching look.

COLOR: Silver Reflective

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