Top sewn woven or printed labels

Centerfolded Looped Clothing Label

There are quite a few decisions to make when considering a woven or printed clothing label and all are equally as important. One of the most common dilemmas is where the label will be sewn. For clothing, the most common place is in the back neckline.  If you are considering sewing the garment label into that area then consider making your clothing label into a looped or centerfolded label. This option is the most common. The advantage to looping a label is that it creates a double ply label. Having a double ply label will result in a more professional look and feel.

Single Ply Clothing Label

A single ply label will tend to curl and roll up after multiple wash and dry cycles resulting in irritating the neck or skin of the consumer. Removing your label because it’s a nuisance is the last thing you want to happen. Using a looped label also gives you another side to include more information about your product! Clients may want to include care/content information, a website address or a company slogan. Adding additional information on the back is free and will only enhance the label.

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