Top 3 most common folding options on clothing labels

It may sound like an unimportant decision but you have to take folding options seriously if you want your clothing label to convey the look and feel that you intended. Let’s look at the most common options.

Centerfolded or ‘looped’ – This fold works best if sewn into a seam. The label is double in length and then folded in half and sewn across the top. The advantages are that the label will lay flat and will not curl (which can happen if the label is not doubled) after multiple wash and wear cycles. The clothes label will also have another side (when flipped up) that you can put other information such as washing instructions or simply duplicate the logo so that the woven or printed

Clothing labels folding options

label can be reversed.

Straight cut or Side edge fold – This type of fold works best when sewing down on only 2 sides. You will get a nicely finished look when folding the label under on two sides. This type of fold is typically used when only your logo is being used because of the limited space.

Flat with edges fused – This type of woven label can be sewn anywhere. It is most commonly used when sewing down on all four edges. This finishing option is not intended to be inserted next to the skin because when sewing all four sides the corners can protrude out and irritate the wearer. Best used on the outside of the clothing garment or accessory but it’s a good choice if you want a label that can be used in different ways.

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