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Personal Name Clothing Labels

Each year we get more and more requests for personalized garment labels. These are woven, printed or heat transfer tagless labels made with the name of your child, an elderly parent or a special needs person. They are perfect to put on all types of clothing and other items that can get misplaced or grouped in with others. Our clothing tags provide an instant way to keep track of all your belongings. We can also include a contact to help re-locate a loved one that may have gotten lost and unable to remember their phone number. The tagless heat transfers and printed clothes tags will withstand dozens of wash and dry cycles and our woven labels are made with last forever.

Most common uses are:

  • Childrens clothing and items for summer camp or day camp
  • Garments sent to dry cleaners
  • Bedding and articles in your rental home
  • Extended hospital visits
  • Garments and articles in assisted living homes.
  • Uniforms

    PersonalizedNameLabels 271x300 Personal Name Clothing Labels , woven labels, clothing tags

    Woven Label, Printed Labels, Heat tagless transfer labels

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