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QR Codes on clothing labels

These two dimensional codes have started to appear on everything from your mail to your perfume. We think it’s only a matter of time until they appear on clothing labels. The information that is encoded on them is limitless. Once … Continue reading

Natural Cotton and Organic Woven Clothing Labels

You have certainly noticed a shift towards eco-friendly natural products in the past few years. It’s a movement that is associated with not only our food but everything from weight loss to cars. Also included in the trend is the … Continue reading

The UPC Barcode Isn’t Dead Yet

Our shopping trends have changed but we still need barcodes. UPC tags and labels aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Read about the latest trends and why we still need barcodes now more than ever. Continue reading


See our chart to help decide what product works best for you Custom Hangtags . Product Showcase (Turn on your annotations to see product description) . If you’re not sure what type of clothing label you need then refer to … Continue reading

Woven labels

Woven labels are the most popular and cost effective way to add branding and identify your design or clothing line. Woven labels are used on clothing like sportswear, infant wear, lingerie, outwear, workwear, accessories, home décor items, outdoor furniture and … Continue reading

Heat transfer

Heat transfer labels (also known as HEAT SEAL and TAG LESS) are one the most popular labels in the apparel market. From simple camp labels through name labels, swimwear, athletic, dancewear, lingerie, babywear to a brand label, heat transfers have … Continue reading

A Different Approach To Customized Cotton Woven Labels

Often times, a simple designed woven label can be all that is needed to stand out from the pack. However, given that it is estimated that the Fashion industry in the US alone has a domestic market value of $385 billion dollars (, 2016), it is always a challenge to try and come up with some new. Something unique. That same problem rings true with clothing trims. What can we offer that is different than other woven labels? Below are two examples of clothing labels that definitely hold their own and help make a design extraordinary. Continue reading

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