Hang Tag paper thickness options

A custom hang tag can add immeasurable value to any clothing or accessory. Clothing hang tags not only offer the brand name but can also give other useful information about the manufacturer, item, pricing and size. There are many choices to consider if you are about to order a custom hang tag. The price of hangtags will vary greatly according to multiple variables.

  • Material type (i.e. paper, canvas, PVC, rubber)
  • Overall size and shape of the hang tag (i.e. die cut, straight cut, oval, round)
  • The number of colors to be printed on each side of the hang tag
  • Thickness of the stock

Understanding how to measure the thickness of the card stock can be tricky.  Paper thickness terminology changes depending on the industry. For our type of clothing tags, we measure the thickness and assign a point value. The chart and picture will give you a better idea of what options are available. We can offer just about anything you can dream up.




**Mention this blog when placing a custom hang tag order by December 31, 2012 and get an additional 10% off the regular price.**




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