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Add On’s for Custom Hangtags for Clothing

Why not accessorize your hangtag?

There are unlimited upgrades that can be added when you are designing a custom hangtags for your clothing or accessory. Since we’ve already covered what can be done with our woven tags and printed labels – it’s time to see some of the bells and whistles that can take your hangtag to the next level and give it a little bling bling.

Main questions from our clients about custom hangtags.

Can I add string to my hangtag? What kinds of strings can I choose for my tags? Are hemp strings a natural fiber? Can cotton strings be any color?

What is the metal ring called on a price tag? Can satin ribbons be any color? Is jute the same as twine?

Satin Ribbons – These ribbons can be dyed to match any color and is sure to give your hangtags a really sophisticated look. We offer satin and organza material.

Cotton Cord – Thicker than our regular cotton string and sturdy to give your design a rugged feel. These can also be dyed to any color or left unbleached and natural.

Metal Ball and Chain – Available in different colors.

Locking string – Available in all colors. These are perfect for keeping custom hangtags secure and more difficult to re-attach.

Cotton String – These simple

but elegant strings can be dyed to match any color. They are sure to add a sense of value to your garment.

Hemp and Twine – Nothing is more rugged and natural looking. Works great with a re-cycled tag or kraft paper.

Metallic strings – Available in silver or gold. Works great on jewelry tags.

Elastic string – Available in many colors. Perfect when you want to attach your custom hangtags by looping the hangtags through the string itself.

Metal eyelet/Grommet – These are available in silver, gold, black, white or antique and make a nice addition to any design. Adds sturdiness and weight to the tags.

Safety Pins – These are available in silver, white, black or antique.

Samples of cotton cord, twine, eyelets and elastic strings

Cotton Cord, Hemp and Twine, Metal Eyelet Grommet & Elastic strings


Sample images of satin ribbon, cotton strings, metal ball and chain, locking string

Satin ribbon, cotton strings, metal ball and chain, locking string



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