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A guide to Clothing Label requirements under the Textile and Wool Acts

Care information on clothing labels 300x213 A guide to Clothing Label requirements under the Textile and Wool Acts , woven labels, clothing tags

RN numbers, fiber content, Country of Origin and care symbols on clothing labels

We’ve been doing some research and have found an extremely helpful guide that will help answer many of the most common questions regarding clothing label requirements. Here are some of the questions that we are often asked:

1) Does the law require a clothing label on my garment?

2) What information is needed, by law, on my custom clothing tag?

3) Do I need and RN (registered number) on my label?

4) How do I get an RN number?

5) Can I replace the label that is in my t-shirt with my own woven label? See our short video on how to remove and insert a new label.

6) Is Country of Origin on my label important?

7) Do I have to give the fiber content and care information on my clothing label?

8) Can I declare that my garment was Made in USA when it really wasn’t?

9) What are the penalties/fines if my labels don’t follow these rules?

10) Do I have to keep a record of my replacement label and if so, for how long?

Here are some other helpful links to learn more about clothing labels.

Federal Trade Commission Guide to Textile and Wool Act

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Apply for your own Registered Number (RN number)

A list of care symbols




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